AVKITS are a range of Ready to go (RTG) surveillance tools designed for Law Enforcement and Investigative surveillance operations.

Each of the tools inside the AVKITS are optimized for maximum performance across a range of devices to allow Investigators to instantly review captured footage/audio recordings.

All AVKITS are equipped with automated 1TB Tiny Portable Action drives which can automatically backup files, photos, and videos and for safe, secure storage, easily offload your evidence and free up your devices memory capabilities.

Every tool inside the AVKITS is equipped to work with the included OTG adapter, allowing Investigators to view video, listen to audio, and transfer files between phones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

AVKITS include the Capturra Action Drive which is a double edged sword for Investigations. Use the Capturra Action Drive to perform Digital Multi Media sweeps of almost any digital device, processing target devices for any file types including photo and video evidence automatically.

AVKITS come in a range of delivery sets. All kits come supplied with a range of accessories so all components are ready to use out of the box and to optimize performance. AVKITS are all supplied inside custom foam cushioned Pelican Cases for maximum Protection in the field.

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