K-Pen – Covert Audio Recording Pen

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K-PenCovert Audio Recorder Pen 31 hour Battery

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Highlight Data:

  • Executive Pen Covert Audio Recorder
  • Extremely Covert Operation – No Lights
  • 288 Hours of Storage Capacity – 8GB
  • 42 Feet Mic Range
  • Time and Date Stamping
  • MAC/Windows Compatible
  • 31 Hour Continuous recording on 1 charge
  • 2 hours to full charge – Fast Charge
  • Swivel Activation


K-PEN – Covert Audio Recording Pen

The K-Pen is one of the most covert audio recorders you can get. Use it as an executive ball point pen and record your meetings without anyone noticing.

K-Pen has no activation lights and is Swivel activated. There is a tiny hole on the top of the device, twisting it to black means it is recording or twisting it to white means it will stop recording.

The K-Pen has a hidden USB input inside the chamber. Just unscrew the body of the pen and the USB input is inside along with mode buttons for continuous mode and voice activated mode.

Insert the USB into any PC/MAC computer to listen to recordings & offload audio files.

If you want to record with voice activation, you can get 31 days of battery from a single charge based on 1 hour of recording each day.

When recording continuously, the battery time can last up to 30 hours before needing to be recharged.


Ease of use –  K-Pen Audio Recorder

The K-Pen is very easy to use but due to the advanced technology inside the product, there are a couple of features which many users will not be familiar with.

The K-Pen can record in 3 Audio quality modes. PCM mode – recording in this mode can achieve up to 24 hours of recordings using the 8GB onboard memory. XHQ mode – in this mode, the device can record up to 144 hours of audio. HQ mode – in this mode, 288 hours of audio files can be stored.

The microphone on the K-Pen is exceptional. Pick up range is up to 42 feet in all directions. The quality mode of HQ provides the most storage and the audio files will be more than ample for most situations. If you are a professional user such as an investigator, the multiple audio recording modes may be necessary for certain situations. Everyday users recording meetings and using in an office type scenario will find the HQ mode, more than sufficient.




Need a secret Dictaphone, something ultra-covert that can be used in everyday situations and sit in plain sight? This is why you need a K-Pen. The design of this product has been focused on covert use. The Swivel top  activation, no indication lights, all mechanical features are hidden inside the body of the pen and even the microphone is completely covert sitting at the top of the Pen.

Your audio files can be easily reviewed and managed by simply inserting the USB input hidden inside the device onto a PC/MAC. Listen to and manage your audio files with ease.

Besides all the features and premium sound quality, the K-Pen is overall just a great product with premium features that every gadget lovers will cherish.



There are so many uses for this product but if you want something as discreet as you can get, this is our recommendation. It can be used for a variety of events including lectures, meetings, recording verbal harassment at work and so many more other important matters.