Audio Video Kit – AVK-LE01

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Complete Audio & Video Tactical Surveillance Kit

Time & Date Stamping across all Audio & Video Solutions

Sensitivity Adjustment Interface for Audio Capture Optimization

Equipped with Capturra 1TB Action Drives – Automatic Evidence Offloading

Dual Use Capturra 1TB Action Drive to Perform targeted Digital File, Photo, & Video Analysis

Tools designed for Covert, Tactical and Long Term surveillance

Delivery Set: AVK-LE01

MAP Price $695.00


AVK-LE01 is a complete Audio and Video tactical surveillance arsenal ready for deployment in many situations where Audio & Video evidence is critical.


Professional Surveillance operations need a Surveillance ready approach where all technical issues which an operative may experience are factored into the kit to optimize mission capabilities.


AVK-LE01, like all AVKITS, are fully equipped with Professional tools to ensure your Audio and Video Surveillance capabilities are optimized for much more than just excellent audio and video quality.


All products are ready to use out of the box; there’s no need to purchase accessories.


The tools inside AVK-LE01 have been used by Law Enforcement agencies worldwide for many years, each recording solution inside AVK-LE01 is part of the tried and tested Law Enforcement grade range of tools from Paraben Consumer.


The AVK-LE01 delivery set provides Surveillance operatives with a full arsenal of Audio and Video tools – AVK-LE01 includes all of the following:



Black Vox Internal Mic Audio Recorder 160 Days 8GB


The BVIM provides Investigators with a versatile tiny audio recorder which can be attached to any metal surface using the magnetic housing built onto the housing of the Black Vox Internal Audio Recorder.


The Black Vox Internal Mic is a one touch activation recording solution which can be quickly deployed and activated into real life mission critical environments.


Black Vox Internal Mic has the standard professional features required for LE grade devices: Time & Date stamping, easy deployment capabilities, and ALC – Auto Level Control to optimize the sensitivity of the audio pick up range. Ideal for difficult recording environments.


Black Vox solutions have been tested for real life situations in a number of environments with a focus on surveillance inside moving vehicles. The BVIM has magnetic buttons built onto the housing. Investigators can place the BVIM inside the card underneath the driver or passenger seat of any small to mid-size vehicle. This position provides excellent audio capture ability and ensures the device is concealed well out of sight. The BVIM operates in sound activated mode only (VOX). The battery on BVIM is good for upto 160 Days in standby mode and has the ability to record over 250 Hours of Audio on the 8GB internal memory.


BVIM has been widely used by the LE community for the last 5 years and is widely regarded by a number of training academies and many professional investigation agencies.


Black Vox can be used in conjunction with the AVK-LE01 OTG adapter. Users can connect the BVIM to the OTG adapter and connect directly to any Apple iPhone/iPad or any Android Smartphone or tablet and listen to the recordings through your devices. BVIM is also compatible with both Windows and Apple Mac Computers*.


PLEASE NOTE: * Time and Date recording can only be configured on a Windows Computer/Laptop/Surface





PROCAM-U7-OTG provides Investigators with a versatile high definition 720P DVR which has a rotating lens and comes supplied with a metal clip allowing the device to be attached to a breast pocket for tactical body worn recording use.


PROCAM-U7 – OTG has a removable 128GB Class 10 SD Card pre-installed. 128GB is enough memory to capture over to 20 hours of video footage. Users can use the included external pack supplied with AVK-LE01 to provide the device with enough battery for long-term recording. The battery pack is particularly useful as users can use the PROCAM-U7 tactical recording stand which attaches to the battery pack which is then connected to the PROCAM-U7 and can be positioned to record a target hands-free or even left unmanned for long term recording of a target. The PROCAM-U7 OTG has a covert recording mode. No LED indicators in this mode. The device has a range of advanced features and provides the required Investigative standard of Time and Date stamping. One button recording, motion detection, Automatic File saving and file splitting ability at 10-minute intervals are some of the added features of the PROCAM-U7 OTG.


Investigators can easily review and share footage quickly using the On the Go (OTG) adapter. This special connectivity tool allows investigators to quickly review recorded footage through their Phone/Tablets. Connect the PROCAM-U7 to the OTG adapter included in AVK-LE01 and connect directly to any Apple iPhone/iPad or any Android Smartphone or tablet and watch the footage through your devices wherever you are. Investigators can also share the footage through a messaging system such as WhatsApp. The PROCAM-U7 OTG is also compatible with all Windows Computers and all Mac Computers.



Capturra Action Drive 1TB – Automatic Video and Photo offload System


Capturra Software inside the 1TB Portable hard drive takes the processing, storage, and accessibility of digital evidence to a new level.


Capturra automates the process into a click and point task. Many Investigators have lots of Digital footage from surveillance tasks. This type of evidence has to be lawfully managed in many states with a minimum of 3 months storage and archiving of evidence after a case has ended.


Investigators can quickly secure footage using the Capturra portable hard drive. Connect any surveillance device to a computer/Laptop. Connect the Capturra drive, run the Capturra software and it will immediately auto detect the connected device. Users just select the device from the screen and select backup and Capturra will immediately begin backing up your footage straight onto the 1TB drive. Capturra will never duplicate content so if you have not cleared the storage on your surveillance tools memory since your last backup, Capturra will not backup the same content twice. Capturra can automatically detect if 2 pieces of similar content are in the memory and, providing the content is not exactly the same, footage of both will be completely backed up.


Capturra is built to work with any surveillance device that stores photos and videos. Capturra can be connected to Windows and Mac Computers and providing your surveillance tool can connect to a Windows and Mac Computer, Capturra will be compatible with all systems and backup content automatically.


Automating this processing part saves a lot of time for an investigator but Capturra is also extremely useful for performing Surveillance on all types of Digital devices.


Providing Investigators have lawful access to a device, the Capturra drive can be used as a file backup processor on any Windows/MAC computer, Laptop, Tablet and any iPhone/iPad or any Android device.


Next Level Digital Evidence Detection – The Digital Surveillance Function of Capturra:


Performing a backup of a target device provides an investigator with a complete copy of every photo and video on a digital device. It can also target other file types such as financial and office documents.


This duplicated content can then be taken away and reviewed for Investigative purposes. The Capturra drive has the ability to store over 230,000 photos* or over 160 hours of video footage on the 1TB portable drive.


Capturra Automates a process that would typically take days or even weeks to accomplish manually. Getting a complete backup off any digital device including all types of Windows or Mac operating systems is no easy feat. Getting the same backup from a phone can take even longer as many phones have 3rd party apps which store the photos inside the app. Capturra expertly detects, discovers and duplicates every photo and video on a device automatically. Capturra also has a utility to make an instant copy of the contents, this can easily be saved to a standalone USB and presented to clients for review.


Capturra does not change the content it duplicates on the target computer, Capturra leaves no trace of the examination or the evidence it has collected, from the target device.




Capturra is extremely easy to use. Investigators should be mindful of the software application on the drive and ensure all personnel using the tool are correctly trained on the ejection process. When ejecting any USB based system from a computer, it is best practice to safely eject hardware (pre-authorize the action on the computer before ejection). Adopting the correct method for ejecting a USB device is key to maintaining your hardware and ensuring the software inside Capturra is not corrupted in any way.


Accessories that accompany the AVK-LE01 provide Investigators with extensive usage and compatibility options. Designed to accommodate Investigators and provide the ability to utilize footage reviewing tools such as phones and tablets, all of the modern phones in the market provide Investigators with a quick and easy option to review and share footage. The accessories in the AVK-LE01 are on board to make processing and reviewing footage/Audio in the field easy.


One accessory that is often overlooked is the USB 3.0 media reader. Most surveillance tools that use SD or MicroSD cards are USB 2.0 compatible. Using a USB 3.0 compatible media reader can increase your transfer speeds by 10 times. When you’re offloading gigabytes of video or audio files, this can save you hours of waiting. Another advantage of using the USB 3.0 media reader is hot-swapping storage on equipment. You can quickly change out the MicroSD card in the field and then use the speedy media reader to transfer the footage to the Capturra drive or computer when it’s convenient.


Accessories included in the AVK-LE01:


1 x OTG Adapter – Compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet/Windows/Mac


Connect any USB device to the OTG and connect to any Phone/Tablet and review audio/Video or even other file types.

OTG Adapter has been tested in the field and is fully compatible with all surveillance tools that store video/Photo or audio files.


1 x USB 3.0 Media Card Reader – The Media Card reader 3.0 is the fastest way to upload footage onto a PC/Mac. This USB 3.0 Card reader will perform up to 10 times faster than transferring directly from the surveillance device. If you are uploading video or photos to a computer or storage drive, we recommend using the Card reader to perform this task. Doing so will free up space on your memory cards quicker.


1 x 128GB SD Card – The PROCAM-U7-OTG 720P HD DVR has a removable 128GB Class 10 SD Card pre-installed to the device. This can be removed like any other SD Card and used in conjunction with other devices which work with 128GB SD Cards.


1 x AAA External Battery Pack USB – USB Emergency Charger which can be used with the included OTG adapter to charge virtually any digital device. The External battery pack is a USB device that uses 3 x AAA batteries (not included) which can be connected to virtually any device to perform emergency charging. In addition. users can utilize this device as a tactical recording stand component for PROCAM-U7 OTG for hands-free tactical Video recording.


1 x Tactical Stand base – Tactical Stand base for RPCAM-U7-OTG.


1 x USB Cable for Capturra Connectivity to PC/MAC


1 x USB to Magnetic Charge/Data Cable for BVIM 160


Manuals (English Only) for all tools included with the AVK-LE01


1 x Pelican 1120 Case with Pick n Pluck cushioning with custom slots for each tool within the AVK-LE01 – The Pelican 1120 is an airtight waterproof, lockable Protector case which is only

8.42 x 6.77 x 3.85 inches (Outer Dimensions).




Who Uses AVK-LE01 AVKIT?


AVKITS AVK-LE01 are designed specifically for Investigators and Law Enforcement agencies. The kits consist of the most tried and trusted tools we have supplied to the Investigative community over the last 4 years. Speaking to LE officers and other Investigators on a continual basis has allowed us to learn how to maximize use of these tools. Combining the most up to date accessories for maximum compatibility whilst also keeping the delivery sets as small and light as possible. Every surveillance recording device inside the AVK-LE01 has time and date stamping and is compatible with both Windows and Mac as well as being compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad and tablet devices when using the OTG adapter.


Ideal tools for:


FBI Agents

Special Investigation units (Police)

Sheriff Departments

Government and Private Investigators

DOC Investigation Teams

Local Government Investigators

Fraud and Insurance Investigators

Executive Security Teams

Corporate Security Professionals