Black Vox Audio – X3

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  • Professional Audio Investigator Systems
  • 3 variable systems for Covert Tactical Audio Surveillance operations
  • All systems tested under the most difficult conditions
  • Used by Law Enforcement Agencies Globally
  • Voice/Sound Activated
  • Time & Date Stamping
  • SVOS – Prioritizes Human Sound Capture
  • Extra Strong Built-in Magnets
  • Superb Battery life ranging from 160 days upto 1 year
  • Offload/Playback Audio using a Windows/MAC computer
  • 8GB Memory


Black Vox is a UK produced range of audio solutions built specifically for tactical operations. Originally designed for Law Enforcement and used by hundreds of Investigation departments worldwide. Black Vox X3 is a combination of all Black Vox Covert Tactical Audio solutions in one complete kit, housed inside a Pelican 1120, ready for deployment whenever you need.

Why is Black Vox the preferred solution for Law Enforcement?

Black Vox X3 is a combination of all 3 Black Vox Tactical Audio Systems, specifically built for Investigation agencies who need multiple systems for Investigation purposes.

The Black Vox systems differ from other Audio recording devices due to the conditions which they have been built, Black Vox Audio addresses the real life environment of an investigation and accounts for a range of scenarios at the point of design.

Black Vox are built based on testing conditions which range from:

Moving Vehicle

Black Vox Tactical Audio Solutions have 2 extra strong magnets built into the housing, the lightweight body of Black Vox Audio Solutions combined with the two extra strong strategically positioned magnets allows the devices to be placed underneath the passenger seat of any car, this position allows the device to record in a car or pickup truck and no matter what speed the vehicle is moving, the magnets will hold the Black Vox and ensure your device stays out of sight whilst capturing crystal clear audio throughout the whole vehicle. For small vehicles such as cars or trucks the Black Vox Internal 160 or 365 are ideal solutions for this type of vehicle deployment.

Moving Rig/Truck/Bus

Black Vox External was developed as a result of testing performed on a variety of vehicles, our research found larger vehicles were much more noisy than smaller vehicles, trucks and buses have much more noise due to mechanical movements and deploying Black Vox Internal under these vehicles impacted the Audio quality. Our solution was to develop an External Mic solution which can be attached to the underside of the driver/passenger seat, with the 40 inch flexible mic which can be threaded upwards through the back of the seat to allow the microphone to have a better vantage point away from the noise underside, the result is the Black Vox External 160 which is ideal for large trucks and other large vehicles.

There are many other testing conditions which have been addressed at point of design including:

Ease of Use

All Black Vox solutions are designed with ease of use in mind. When you need to use a professional audio recorder, you need peace of mind that your solution can be quickly and easily deployed without worrying about what you need to do to capture your audio. With only 1 button on the Black Vox Internal 365, Internal 160 & External 160, you only need to press it once and it is ready to capture any sound any of the devices detect.

Covert Deployment

Black Vox systems has 2 super strong magnets built into their tiny housing. The positioning of these magnets and lightweight frame of the device allows the Black Vox to be used in many difficult environments.

Using the magnetized housing, users can place the Black Vox in difficult environments such as under a desk: attaching the device to any metal frame on the underside of a desk within 30 feet of the target. Black Vox 365 can be left for long periods and sit in a state of detection for up to 365 days on a single charge, Black Vox Internal & External 160 can sit in a state of detection for upto 160 days. Capturing audio when sound is detected means the Black Vox is efficiently using it’s battery to only record when sound is detected.

When users review the captured data you can be sure there are no long silences and Black Vox systems have only recorded events where sound has been detected.

All audio files will be time and date stamped.

Difficult Deployments is where Black Vox excels

Recording Audio in a Moving Vehicle presents a lot of problems to investigators, attaching devices to cars in a covert manner and trying to limit the potential for discovery whilst ensuring the device can record clearly has been a common issue for many years.

Black Vox solves this problem. Underneath the passenger seats of any vehicle are metal plates. Deploying Black Vox under a car seat provides maximum protection against discovery and positions Black Vox perfectly. If Black Vox is positioned under the car seat against the metal plates, it is not going to be moved, even if the vehicle starts moving from side to side erratically.

Black Vox Internal 160/365 magnetized housing will hold the devices perfectly still. Deploying Black Vox under a car seat can be achieved in less than 2 seconds. Simply aim for the middle of the underside of the seat with the magnets towards the underside and Black Vox will attach to the underside of the seat and stay intact no matter what speed the vehicle is moving.

There are other variables to consider in a moving vehicle when recording audio. Noisy cars and other interference may obscure captured audio content but with Black Vox’s SVOS feature, the device is calibrated to prioritize human speech over other sounds. * For larger vehicles we recommend the Black Vox External 160.

Long Duration and Efficient Use of Battery

  • Black Vox 365 has 365 days of standby battery. As Black Vox only operates in VOX (sound detection mode) it can sit in wait for long periods and only activate recording when sound is captured.
  • Black Vox Internal and External have 160 Days of Standby Battery.
  • Black Vox Internal 160 & External 160 can record upto 160 hours of audio continuously.
  • Black Vox 365 can record upto 344 hours of audio continuously.

All Black Vox X3 systems are TINY

Black Vox Internal and External are extremely small measuring just 3.24 inches long,1.24 inches wide & 1 inch thick – Not including External Mic for Black Vox External 160.

Black Vox 365 is slightly larger but still a tiny size at just: 3.5 inches long, 1.88 inches wide and just 1.25 inches thick 

Trusted by Thousands of Professionals

Law Enforcement operations happen in real time and there is no room for error. When you need to capture important audio evidence, you need a solution which can be deployed quickly and easily. Black Vox X3 systems provides LE a range of long term audio solution which can be deployed in difficult environments and operate for long periods with premium results.

Black Vox X3 can only be fully appreciated by Investigators who need equipment which can stand up to the real time environment of an investigation. Investigators can be trained to use Black Vox in less than 3 minutes, a simple design with advanced audio recording features, built for Investigation. Addressing all of the common issues at point of design has helped thousands of LE and Investigation agencies with their investigations, proudly produced in the UK, Black Vox are made by Law Enforcement for Law Enforcement.

Carry Case:

Black Vox X3 are protected inside a Pelican 1120 foam cushioned case.