Black Vox Calculator 75 Days – LE Grade Audio

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MAP: $295.00


UPC: 647923469882

  • Professional Equipment hidden in plain sight
  • Voice Activated Mode VOX
  • Professional Mic with 30ft Audio capture
  • SVOS – Isolates Sounds, Prioritizes Human Voice Capture
  • 75 Day Standby Battery & 72 Hours Continuous recording
  • Time & Date Stamping
  • Fully Functioning Calculator
  • Built specifically for Law Enforcement tactical operations
  • Offload Audio using a Windows/MAC computer
  • 8GB Memory – 288 hour Capacity


Black Vox is a UK produced range of audio solutions built specifically for tactical operations.

With the appearance and functionality of standard desktop calculator, the Black Vox Calculator can be placed anywhere without raising any suspicions that the device is actually a premium grade audio recorder with superb long life battery and excellent 30 foot audio capture range.

Use anywhere without raising suspicion

Black Vox Calculator is a one button activation solution which can sit in plain sight and record hundreds of hours of audio over long periods of time, this completely covert, UK manufactured solution is built based on the same principles as all Black Vox solutions.

The Calculator format of Black Vox makes it ideal for covert audio recording in the home or office.

Users can even place the device inside a bag whilst travelling and use the device without taking it out of the bag, the 30 foot audio capture range has been tested based in difficult recording scenarios, so even inside a bag or inside a pocket, providing the device is within 30 feet of the target, it will record crystal clear audio for long periods of time.

Ease of Use

All Black Vox solutions are designed with ease of use in mind. When you need to use a professional audio recorder, you need peace of mind that your solution can be quickly and easily deployed without worrying about what you need to do to capture your audio. To activate the Black Vox Calculator you take the supplied drawing pin and insert it into the tiny hole on the side of the device. BVCALC is then ready to record whenever sound is detected.


Long Duration and Efficient Use of Battery

Black Vox audio solutions have a minimum of 75 Days standby battery. As Black Vox only operates in VOX (sound detection mode), it can sit in wait for long periods and only activate recording when sound is detected.

Black Vox Calculator can record continuously for up to 72 hours on a single charge and the 8GB memory capacity can hold upto 288 hours of recordings before audio files need to offloaded or deleted to free up space.

Law Enforcement operations happen in real time and there is no room for error. When you need to capture important audio evidence, you need a solution which can be deployed quickly and easily.

Why Investigators prefer Black Vox for Professional use

Black Vox Calculator provides investigators with a completely covert fully functioning calculator which would not look out of sight in many places like homes or offices.

Investigators can be trained to use all Black Vox solutions in less than 3 minutes.

Addressing all of the common issues at point of design has helped thousands of LE and Investigation agencies with their investigations.