Black Vox External 160 Days OTG – LE Grade Audio with Listen Anywhere OTG Support

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Black Vox External 160 Days OTG – LE Grade Audio

MAP: $295.00 


UPC: 7432139178160

  • 1 Button Operation
  • Voice Activated (VOX)
  • External Microphone with 1 metre (3 foot) extended mic
  • Professional Mic with 30ft audio capture range
  • SVOS – Isolates Sounds, Prioritizes Human Voice Capture
  • 160 Day Standby Battery
  • 160 Hours of Continuous Recording
  • Time & Date Stamping
  • Extra Strong Built in Magnets
  • Designed for LE Tactical Ops
  • Offload and Listen to Audio Files using PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad,  or Android devices
  • 8GB Memory – 288 hour Capacity
  • Tiny – Measures just 3.24 inches x 1.24 inch x 1 inch (not including 1 Metre External Mic)


Black Vox is a UK produced range of audio solutions built specifically for tactical operations. Originally designed for Law Enforcement and used by hundreds of Investigation departments worldwide.


Why is Black Vox the preferred solution for Law Enforcement?

Black Vox External was produced for Law Enforcement as a result of covert operation which required high performance audio capture in a large truck, the trucking fleet responsible for transporting high value electronics were suspicious that a series of thefts was due to an unscrupulous employee responsible for driving the trucks.

Large vehicles are extremely noisy compared to a standard road vehicle and the mechanical noises of the truck was proving to be too difficult to capture audio from the drivers cabin.

Using the Black Vox external, investigators were able to deploy Black Vox External under the driver’s seat and thread the microphone up the seat for a better vantage point.


There are many other uses for the Black Vox External.

Users can deploy the device inside an air duct and leave the mic protruding out towards the target area. The tiny size of the external mic makes it almost impossible to discover.

Black Vox External can also be body worn, the tiny size of the device can be inserted inside a small pocket and the External Mic can be threaded upwards to head height and hide behind clothing.

As with all Black Vox solutions, all devices are built and tested in a range of environments which are based on difficult recording scenarios, the capture range and many other testing parameters are based on the most difficult environment testing.

Deployment is only part of the puzzle when you need to capture Audio, below are more reasons why LE choose Black Vox Solutions:


Ease of Use

All Black Vox solutions are designed with ease of use in mind. When you need to use a professional audio recorder, you need peace of mind that your solution can be quickly and easily deployed without worrying about what you need to do to capture your audio.

With only 1 button on the Black Vox External, you only need to press it once and it is ready to capture any sound it detects.

The 30 foot range the device works inside is based on multiple testing scenarios in a variety of environments including cars and busy places where recording audio may be compromised.


Covert Deployment

Black Vox External has 2 super strong magnets built into its tiny housing. The positioning of these magnets and lightweight frame of the device allows the Black Vox to be attached to metal surfaces in many difficult environments.

Using the magnetized housing, users can place the Black Vox in difficult environments such as under a desk: attaching the device to any metal frame on the underside of a desk within 30 feet of the target.

Black Vox can be left for long periods and sit in a state of detection for up to 160 days on a single charge. Capturing audio when sounds are made means the Black Vox is efficiently using it’s battery to only record when sound is detected.

When users review the captured data you can be sure there are no long silences and Black Vox has only recorded events where sound has been detected, audio files will also be time and date stamped.

Recording Audio in a Moving Vehicle presents a lot of problems to investigators. Attaching devices inside cars in a covert manner and trying to limit the potential for discovery whilst ensuring the device can record clearly has been a common issue for many years.


Black Vox solves this problem.

Underneath the passenger seats of any vehicle are metal plates, deploying Black Vox under a car seat provides maximum protection against discovery and positions Black Vox perfectly.

If Black Vox is positioned under the car seat against the metal plates, it is not going to be moved, even if the vehicle starts moving from side to side erratically.

Black Vox External’s magnetized housing will hold the device perfectly still.

Deploying Black Vox under a car seat can be achieved in less than 2 seconds, simply aim for the middle of the underside of the seat with the magnets towards the underside and Black Vox will attach to the underside of the seat and stay intact no matter what speed the vehicle is travelling.

With the Black Vox External you have the added option to place the 1 metre mic in a higher vantage point. This is especially useful if the vehicle you are monitoring is a noisy large vehicle or for another scenario such as capturing audio in another room.


Noisy Environments is where Black Vox really excels

Using SVOS (voice isolation) the device is calibrated to record human voices, prioritizing human sound over any other, human voice is isolated, filtered if you will, noisy and difficult recording environments is where Black Vox performs best and this what makes Black Vox the preferred choice of so many investigators.


Long Duration and Efficient Use of Battery

Black Vox audio solutions have a minimum of 160 Days standby battery. As Black Vox only operates in VOX (sound detection mode) it can sit in wait for long periods and only activate recording when sound is captured.

Black Vox can record continuously for up to 160 hours on a single charge and the 8GB memory capacity can hold upto 288 hours of recordings before audio files need to offloaded or deleted to free up space.


Tiny Size

At just 3.24 inches long and just an 1.24 inches wide and 1 inch thick, the Black Vox is extremely small. the tiny form factor of this professional audio recorder allows users to deploy the device very close to a target but with very little chance of being discovered.

Please note the sizes mentioned do not include the 1 metre external Microphone fitted onto the device.


Multi Compatible Device for fast Offloading of Audio Files

Black Vox External Mic comes supplied with an OTG adapter. Use the adapter to listen to or offload audio files through any iPhone/iPad or Android device. Users can also plug the device directly into any PC/MAC to listen to, save, and delete recordings from the device.

The OTG option is especially useful for listening to audio recordings quickly. Sometimes users may not have access to a PC/MAC. The OTG option solves this issue and ensures users can listen to their audio files quickly whilst on the go.


Other Uses

Black Vox External can also be used for many other scenarios. The long term performance of the battery means you can use Black Vox to monitor just about anything:

Holiday Homes – Leaving your holiday home empty or unrented for long periods.

Nanny Monitoring – Insert Black Vox in your child’s room or playroom to monitor events using audio whilst you are not at home.


Need Black Vox for your Investigation teams? 

See our Investigations Kits category in our product range for bundle options of Black Vox solutions.