Capturra Action Drive 1TB

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MAP Price $269.00

  • Portable Automatic Evidence Processing and Storage
  • Instantly offload important evidence from storage drives and Surveillance tools
  • Never duplicates Content
  • Cold Storage Solution for high value evidence collection and storage
  • Special on Board Apps to support PC/MAC/iPhone/Android
  • Backup Multiple devices with one Capturra Action Drive
  • Perform Digital Sweeps using the Action Drive


Capturra Action Drive 1TB provide Investigators with a lot of support for Evidence storage and Digital Evidence Investigations.

This dual use tool has 1TB of storage space on board and works with virtually all digital devices including SD Cards and other types of storage devices including Photo and video surveillance tools which have built in storage.

For Evidence storage, Investigators can automate their storage and connect all types of devices to a PC/MAC and run the Capturra processing suite.

The Capturra drive will remember and identify the storage device connected to your computer and automatically scan for and backup any type of file you tell it to.

Once you have selected the storage and file types, the whole process is automatic.

Capturra will scan the device for all available files, download them automatically onto its 1TB storage drive, and your evidence is then secured from the memory device and you could then delete your memory devices’ memory and free up important storage space for other cases and get your tools back into action.

Capturra Action Drive has an intuitive system which can ensure no duplicates are ever stored on the drive, even if you did not delete previously backup up evidence off a drive and then backed up the same drive a week later.

Capturra automatically identifies the previously backed up content and will not backup the same data already stored on the Capturra drive.

Safeguarding Evidence in any form has always been a tricky task.

LE Agencies have evidence storage rooms and for Digital evidence many large Investigation agencies utilize a range of services including hot storage which is essentially some form of 3rd party Cloud backup service and Cold storage which is a disconnected method of storage which is traditionally something  like a portable hard drive which is stored somewhere secure and only connected to computers and other digital devices when evidence needs to be examined/Used.

Capturra has intuitive software for smart and automated storage purposes built into a cold storage solution which is small enough that it can be safely stored by the Investigator at all times.

Capturra is is easy to transport and has enough storage for thousands of man hours of surveillance photos and over 167 hours of video footage.

Capturra for Automatic Evidence archiving provides Investigators with a very easy way to offload evidence from all types of video and photo devices.

The automatic processing also ensures Investigators do not get tied up trying to find the correct piece of content to archive.

This saves an Investigator or even an Investigation processing center lots of time that would be normally spent manually selecting the files that need to be saved.

Capturra Action Drive 1TB includes accessories to help you easily offload your important file and evidence.

It includes a USB 3.0 Media Reader which can save hours of time when offloading hours of video or audio surveillance files.

If you offload directly from the surveillance devices which usually only support USB 2.0, it can be 10x slower than using a USB 3.0 reader to read directly from the MicroSD cards.

Capturra also includes an OTG adapter so you can connect SD cards directly to iPhones and Androids to view or listen to video and audio files. All this is contained in a hard shell carrying case to keep everything organized


Capturra for Digital Investigations

The Capturra Action drive can also used for Digital Investigations.

Investigating any digital device that stores Photos, Videos, or other files of importance allows an investigator to perform a concentrated automatic backup of all images, videos, or other files of their choosing on virtually any digital device including Windows Computers, Mac Computers, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets many other devices and drives that can contain digital files.

Capturra has the ability to completely duplicate the target devices multimedia footprint.

No changes are made to the devices contents.

Capturra leaves no trace of use and provides Investigators with a full backup which can be taken away and examined.

Capturra for Digital Investigations is ideal for all types of Investigators.

Being able to provide some support to clients in regards to digital activities is a serious concern which can be addressed quickly and easily using Capturra.

Whilst Capturra may not provide a complete digital examination, it can definitely provide a complete overview of digital content being shared, saved and created on virtually any digital device.

Investigators can effectively perform a triage of a target device, this will provide their valued clients with an immediate response to their concerns and allow next steps to be planned carefully and under the management of the primary Investigator who handles the clients ongoing concerns.

Important Investigative Tip for Capturra Users

When planning to investigate a device using Capturra, make sure you have enough time to process a target device. If you are intending to process a computer belonging to a client at the clients premises, to keep your investigation under wraps, propose to perform the processing when the business is out of hours.

For iPhones and other digital devices, try to ensure you have enough time with the target device to duplicate its content without arousing suspicion of the examination.

Whilst it is very easy to view multimedia files such as videos and photos, it can take some time to duplicate them depending on the amount of photos and videos on the target device. Ensure you factor this into your investigation and allow between 1-3 hours for processing any digital device.

The process is automatic when it is connected. Users can stop the device from processing if time presents a problem.

In the event you need to stop the process, you will only be able to view the multimedia files it has already duplicated.

Users can revisit the target device and continue to process. The Capturra will not backup the existing backups and it will begin processing only the multimedia files it did not backup previously.

Whilst the processing is taking place, there is nothing an investigator needs to do. Once the backup has captured all the files, disconnect the Capturra and you can take the files anywhere to examine. There is no need to be by the target device once the duplication process is complete


IMPORTANT – Maintaining your Capturra Action Drive:

The Capturra connects to computers using a USB cable. NEVER disconnect the Capturra USB Cable from the Computer without pre-authorizing ejection. This is not a standard USB device. This is extremely valuable software which is designed to store Digital Evidence. To protect the files form corruption and data loss, ALWAYS pre-authorize the computer that you wish to SAFELY EJECT HARDWARE prior to disconnecting the USB Cable.


Who uses Capturra Drive:

Capturra is intended for Investigators based on the dual use functions detailed above. The automatic nature of the data duplication process provides major advantages to a manual process and saves thousands of man hours. The way the Capturra collects the data is also extremely report friendly for an investigator when creating case file reports and examining a target devices multimedia footprint.