Cell Phone Investigation Kit

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MAP: $349


UPC: 647923469820

  • Complete Cellphone Investigation Kit
  • Investigate – iPhone and Android based systems and SIM Cards
  • Investigation tools for 99% of the Worlds Cellphones
  • Cable Kit & adapter accessories to ensure connectivity to most cellphones
  • 64GB USB Memory Stick for exporting evidence for case file creation
  • Free Updates for life
  • Zero Subscriptions fees
  • Use as many times on as many cellphones as you need
  • iSearch – Search Data using keywords, numbers & Symbols


The Cellphone Investigation Kit equips investigators with tools which can complete digital discovery on over 1000 types of cellphone.

Combining our cellphone investigation kits into one kit ensures investigators have the tools they need to perform investigations virtually all cellphones.

The iRecovery Stick and Phone Recovery Stick provide discovery for iPhone & Android Operating Systems, Investigators can use the iSearch feature on both of these solutions to cross reference information and find new evidence, fast.

SIM Card Seizure can investigate data stored on the SIM from non-smartphones and smartphones alike.

Who uses Cellphone Investigation Kit

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement agencies use these kits for in-house data discovery. There are many uses for Law Enforcement with these systems. Digital triage investigations regularly use the kit and as these systems are built in line with digital investigative guidelines (evidence integrity) the Kit is a great option for cross validation purposes.

Cross validation systems are becoming more and more of a requirement for digital evidence. If you are intending to use data discovery for use in court, it is vital to perform your digital investigations using more than one tool to ensure the tool used cannot be questioned in terms of its integrity.

Private Investigation Agencies

The CPIK is an ideal option for Investigators. Even those with zero digital forensics skills can use the kits to perform multiple investigations of cellphones on behalf of their clients.

Using the kits provides investigators with a strong foundation for private investigations whether it is for information gathering or potential court cases.

Universities and Digital Forensics Training Centers

As the CPIK tools perform discovery of cellphone data in a forensically sound manner, this kit is a great training tool for budding digital forensics students and a great option for colleges and universities to use.

Use the Cellphone Investigators Kit tools as many times as you need for the life of the product.

No subscription fees whatsoever and unlimited use.