K-PASS – Professional Investigators Audio Recorder


K-PASSProfessional Investigators Audio Recorder

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Highlight Data:

  • Password Protect your recorded files
  • Clear voice recording with the built-in embedded amplified mic
  • Easily switch between voice-activation or continuous record mode
  • Recorded files can be date and time stamped
  • Multiple recording quality options to choose from PCM, HQ, SP, or LP
  • Record continuously for 15 hours off a full charge or up to 31-days while in standby voice-activation mode
  • Audio pick up range of 40 feet in optimal conditions with an auto sensitivity control and a fast recharge of 1.5 hours
  • The built-in 8GB memory can store up to 48 hours in PCM, 130 hours in HQ, 260 hours in SP, or 1152 hours in LP mode
  • Download recordings easily to a Windows or Mac computer or play files directly off the device with the built-in speaker or included headphones
  • Telephone Adapter Kit
  • External Pin Microphone for optional use


The K-PASS is intended for professionals who need to record important content which then needs the added security of being password protected.


An ideal master recorder for Investigators across all industries, this device is not intended for anything but everyday overt use. It can be used in a covert manner and worn inside a jacket pocket and record crystal clear audio. You can also insert the external microphone to ensure your microphone has a better vantage point but the main role of this device is that of overt everyday use.

Makes a great Dictaphone but the advanced password protection options on this device ensure it can be used a wide variety of situations.



Ease of use –  K-PASS PCM Audio Recorder

The K-PASS is not the easiest device to use due to its advanced functionalities, but it is extremely versatile and one of the most secure audio recorders on the market.

Record up to 1,152 hours on the 8GB storage capacity in LP Mode, multiple sound modes, telephone adapter kits included as well as an external pin microphone accessory. PC/MAC compatible for reviewing audio files. This device also has an onboard speaker so you can listen to your audio files directly form the device.


Why Choose The K-PASS

The K-PASS is an ideal tool for professionals who rely heavily on their audio recorder usage. Not only is this a premium professional device for everyday use, it has the added advantages of being password protected and can be used in conjunction with landline call recording using the telephone adapter kit which is supplied. The device has time and date stamping, voice activation, and continuous mode recording abilities and can store over 1,000 hours of audio footage in LP mode.

If you are seeking something quick and easy to use, this is not the tool we recommend. If you are a professional who requires a premium audio recorder with password protection on your audio files, this is highly recommended and will serve you very well.



Investigations, voice notes, meeting recorder, interview recorder, landline recording, Highly sensitive recording – Password Protection.