K-Ultra – Tiny Clip Audio Recorder

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K-Ultra – tiny Clip Audio Recorder

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SKU: K-Ultra

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  • Voice Activated Clip On Recorder
  • Instant Play Back
  • 288 Hours of Storage Capacity – 8GB
  • 42 Feet Mic Range
  • Time and Date Stamping
  • MAC/Windows Compatible
  • 18 Hour Battery – Recharge via USB Port
  • 2 hours to full charge
  • Ultra Tiny size – Just 2 inches tall.


Tiny Clip Audio Recorder – K-Ultra

The K-Ultra is a state of the art miniature wearable audio recorder.

There are many situations when size of a device is crucial to obtaining that all important audio recording you need.

The K-Ultra is the Investigators choice for such instances.

This sophisticated yet easy to use wearable device is ultra-tiny and has a range of functions including voice activation and the ability to listen to your recordings instantly. No need to connect to a computer to review your captured audio files with the K-ultra.

Investigators love this device. It’s especially ideal for cases where you have to train your client to use the tool correctly. It’s super easy to use and can be completely hidden on the body and still pick up crystal clear audio up to 42 feet away.


Audio capture tests on this device are based on concealed on a person use. This is the primary reason for using this particular device in a situation where covert wearable audio recordings are critical.


This miniature device is packed with all the features you need; voice activation, time and date stamp, super-fast full recharge in just 2 hours, and more.

Even the metal clip that makes this device a wearable is a dark metal color which makes it even more covert.

Playing back your captured audio files using this device is very convenient and easy, especially if you do not have access to a PC/MAC and you need to listen to your audio files instantly. Just plug in some headphones to the device and listen immediately. Users can also plug in the device to any Windows/MAC computer for playback too.


Ease of use

This is one of the easiest devices to use. Just one button on this device which you switch modes with; continuous or voice activated recording. Recordings using this device can last between 15-18 hours. That’s a lot of recording ability for such a small device.

Time and Date stamping is only configurable using a Windows PC.

The ease-of-use of this device makes it particularly useful for people who need a simple yet very effective solution for audio recording. It’s especially useful for people who need to record audio quickly and easily without worrying about how to get the device in recording mode. The small form factor of this device makes it very useful for covert audio recording.


Who Uses the K-Ultra?

This device is great for anyone, not just investigators. Anyone seeking to capture audio can use this device. It can be used as a dictaphone.

As this device is so small, we recommend this tool for short term audio recording on a person. Using this as a wearable audio recorder is nigh on impossible to spot. Very useful for covert audio recording.