Keyboard built in Keylogger

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MAP: $199


UPC: 647923469943

  • Huge 16mb Memory Capacity
  • Keylogger Professionally Built into a USB Keyboard
  • Undetectable – Cannot be detected by Anti-Virus
  • No software to install, plug in and it begins recording keystrokes instantly
  • 100% undetectable by visual inspection or Anti-Virus Software
  • Made in Europe


The most invisible keylogger available. Professionally built into the USB keyboard, this device cannot be detected by any type of software or human inspection.

Easily deploy the USB keyboard by replacing the existing keyboard on any PC.

To retrieve captured keystrokes, press the 3 button combination on the keyboard and all the typed data will appear automatically on the host computer. 3 button combination must be pressed at once to launch the captured data.

Record up to 16 million Keystrokes before having to delete or export content off the device to free up space.

The brand of keyboard used to house the keylogger is a well-known name branded keyboard. Product and packaging looks like any ordinary keyboard purchased brand new from an IT store.

Excellent tool for parents who need to continually monitor their children’s computer activity and discover passwords and handles to websites which the child may be trying to hide from their parents.

Using the Keyboard Keylogger provides parents with the information they need to monitor their children’s internet activity and ensure they are not communicating with undesirables or accessing content which may be harmful.