Microphone Suppression Kit

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  • Prevent unauthorized audio recordings in meeting rooms and offices
  • Built to Protect High Level discussions from unauthorized recording devices
  • 2 Ultrasonic Speakers for multi directional protection from audio microphones
  • Two technologies onboard, ultra-sonic emission (silent) & White Noise Acoustic Interference
  • Protect rooms up to 10 ft long and 6 ft wide using 1 system
  • Provides live protection that no TSCM sweep can ever detect, threats present at the meeting
  • Can be used Covertly or Overtly
  • Remote Control Operation


The Microphone Suppression Kit (MSK) is able to neutralize microphones, hidden voice recorders, and audio transmitters, protecting discussions from unauthorized wiretapping.

The microphone suppression kit uses silent ultrasonic waves and is able to overpower all of the microphones within its action range.

This device covers up to 10-11 feet of area,  areas such as offices or meeting rooms, with the use of the main unit plus the additional ultrasonic mini speaker (supplied).

The small form factor of the primary suppressor means users can easily transport the device and use it in the field thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery which can perform for up to 5 hours, protecting an area of about 8 feet when using the primary suppressor on its own. Particularly useful in vehicles due to the Ultrasonic emission bouncing across a small space, creating stronger ultra-sonic suppression.

The Microphone Suppression Kit generates a virtual barrier between the subject and the potential eavesdropping threat, ensuring that confidential communications cannot be secretly recorded.

Maximum protection is guaranteed by an ultrasonic signal generated on the basis of a proprietary copyrighted algorithm.

In addition to the ultrasonic transducers, the central unit has a loudspeaker with separate volume to generate, if necessary and if desired, an audible audio noise similar to white noise. (Please note that using this additional feature is not recommended for covert requirements.)

The most common threat is certainly represented by digital microphones; in cases of a laser microphone or an analog microphone, the additional acoustic silencer, which reproduces disturbances over the entire spectrum of audio vocal frequencies, is essential to obtain maximum protection against all types of microphones; digital, analog, and laser.

Using the MSK

The device must be positioned with the transducers facing the possible position of the interception devices (environmental recorders, hidden microphones, audio bug transmitters, etc.). For example, towards new guests, which represent non-neutralizable threats where audio recorders on cellphones, tablets, or other devices may be secreted into a confidential meeting.

The primary device must be positioned directly towards the target at a distance of less than 8 feet away. In most cases, a meeting between 2 parties will be much closer than 8ft.

The mini ultrasonic loudspeaker must instead be positioned closer to the target, at a distance of 3.2, and oriented laterally to the target itself in order to create a virtual suppression wall against the microphones and prevent any unwanted recording or remote listening.

The optimal maximum distance between the transducers and the interceptor microphone is 10 feet, with the additional mini ultrasonic speaker being used towards the threat from a different angle, creating a stronger virtual wall of ultra-sonic suppression.


Who uses the Microphone Suppression Kit

Who needs this type of Speech Protection?

Fortune 500 and INC 5000 companies are regularly using these systems to protect commercial interests. Government agencies and Financial institutions have been using these systems on a mandatory basis for privacy rooms for many years. Many different types of businesses and organizations use these systems. Below we have compiled a summary of user groups who can benefit highly from this type of protection.

Legal Offices – Legal offices are a common target for unauthorized recording devices. The ability to record a confidential discussion within a legal office can cause grave consequences for all parties. This added protection inside meeting rooms ensures your client’s privacy and your firms reputation are on the right track.

TSCM Operatives – Tactical Surveillance operatives normally perform digital sweeps of meeting rooms for clients. The need to protect the meeting room whilst the meeting is in progress is a much greater threat now. The ability to walk into any meeting with some form of microphone is clearly easier to do and much more of a threat than someone planting a recording device in an office or meeting room beforehand.

Security Consultants and Investigators – Security consultants and Private Investigators are often provided with extremely sensitive information. Becoming a confidant to clients is a big part of the work. Providing the extra layers of protection and demonstrating an understanding of a confidants position by using these systems will give clients peace of mind and further enhance an agencies professional awareness.

Meeting and Exhibition Organizations – Corporations who host commerce events can provide peace of mind to exhibitors and visitors with enhanced protection in meeting and conference rooms.