Photo Backup Stick WMA 8GB-1TB

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SKU: PBS8GBWMA MAP: $29.95 UPC 7432139977947
SKU: PBS16GBWMA MAP: $39.95 UPC 7432139977954
SKU: PBS32GBWMA MAP: $49.95 UPC 7432139977961
SKU: PBS64GBWMA MAP: $59.95 UPC 7432139977978
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SKU: PBS256GBWMA MAP: $129.95 UPC 7432139977992
SKU: PBS500GBWMA MAP: $159.95 UPC 7432139977923
SKU: PBS1TBWMA MAP: $199.95 UPC 7432139977930
  • Back Up Photos and Videos Automatically
  • Works with virtually all Digital Devices
  • No Duplicates ever, remembers content already backed up
  • Zero Monthly Cloud Storage Fees
  • Connect Phones and other devices to backup through PC/MAC
  • Special on Board Apps to support PC/MAC/iPhone/Android
  • Backup Multiple devices with one Photo Backup Stick


Photo Backup Stick WMA is an all in one solution for backing up your most precious photos and videos from virtually any Digital device.

Complete with special on board Apps you can use the device to make a backup of all videos and photos stored on any Cellphone, Computer, Mac and Tablet.

Photo Backup Stick is a solution for anyone who prefers to keep their Photos and Videos safe and secure without the need of expensive monthly cloud storage which also reduces the image quality of your content.

Ideal for anyone with an old phone they do not want to lose because of all the precious photos and videos stored on it, easily transfer your content from your old phone right onto the Photo Back Up Stick automatically, just connect your phone to a PC/MAC plug in the Photo Backup Stick to the same computer and the Photo Backup Stick will detect your phone and all photos and videos on your phone, immediately.

Photo Backup Stick takes the work out of backing up your content, Photo Backup Stick will auto detect all Photos and Videos available and make a copy of them in minutes.

Advanced features of the Photo Backup Stick allow users to:

  • Create a 2nd Backup immediately and save it anywhere for safe keeping
  • Auto detection of duplicate Images ensures you only backup content once, No Duplicates Ever
  • Search your Photos by Creation Date, Size and Name

Photo Backup Stick WMA is the perfect solution for Personal and Professional users and can solve many of Life’s common connectivity problems when relying on an internet connection or a cloud service to keep your photos and videos safe, secure and accessible:

Professional Users

When you need to get an image from your phone to your PC, to email your important client a copy of a photo you need, to secure that all important deal.

Cloud storage will reduce the image quality, then you need to hope your internet connectivity will allow you to transfer your content between devices, email is not going to get your photos from A to B quick enough.

Imagine a simpler solution; you take your Photobackup Stick, connect it into your PC/MAC, insert Photo backup Stick and make a copy of the content through your PC without needing any internet connection whatsoever.

How many times have you been in a situation where your hotel WIFI or your Data was not upto scratch and prevented you from getting your work completed, solve this annoying problem with Photo Backup Stick.

Personal Users

Everyone has precious photos and videos which remind us of the good times, then we lose the phone or our computer crashes and all those memories are gone, forever.

Photo Backup Stick keeps your photos and videos safe and secure and safeguards you from losing your precious memories, keep your Photo Backup Stick safe and secure in the custom dust free storage box, secure your precious memories forever.


Do you trust your business’s valuable content on cloud storage servers, image quality reduction, ongoing monthly storage costs and cybercrimes which steal valuable content are just some of the risks associated with Cloud storage.

Keep your business Images and Video content safe and secure on Photo Backup Stick and store thousands of images for a one off cost, all the simplistic features of a cloud system, none of the ongoing risks or costs.