Photo Investigation Kit

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UPC: 7432139578502

  • Duplicate any Digital Devices Photo and Video Content
  • Discover and Duplicate photo and video content from 3rd party Apps on phones, computers and tablets.
  • Automatic folder creation for every processed device
  • Duplicate and Investigate – Massive capacity to store up to 250k images
  • 1TB Case file drive – Massive capacity tiny easy to carry portable hard drive.
  • Backs up images and videos automatically
  • Use Porn Detection Stick to cross examine image backups


The Photo & Video Investigation Kit (PVIK) allows Investigators to duplicate a device’s Photo and Video content. Compatible with virtually any Digital device, the PVIK is a an ideal first step for any Digital Investigation.


The automatic processor on the PVIK targets images and videos across a devices whole operating system. Searching all types of directories on the target device, including third party app images and videos.


Duplicating Photo and Video content is performed without any trace of the process on the target device and allows an investigator to create a complete copy of a device’s images and videos knowingly and unknowingly stored on the devices operating system.


PVIK can be deployed to duplicate virtually any digital device: Windows Computers, Apple Mac Computers, iPhones, iPad, Android Operating systems devices, cameras, video recorders, and storage devices or any device with a storage drive that can be opened and viewed on a computer.


The automatic processing of the PVIK allows users to quickly deploy the software and collect thousands of images and over 100 hours of video content, PVIK is a Photo and video Investigation kit which consists of multiple software’s for photo and video investigations.


The software which collects photos and videos is called Capturra Action Drive and this is stored on the included 1TB portable hard drive which can store over 200k images and over 160 hours of video content. PVIK also includes a separate software which is an illicit image scanning software. This software is known as Porn Detection Stick (PDS) and it is built to quickly detect images with skin pigment content among other algorithms for porn detection. The PDS is stored inside a small USB flash drive.


Investigation Use Case Studies Summary

PVIK is a widely used Investigation tool in many types of industries where Investigation and Digital Auditing is common place. The automatic nature of the system allows an Investigator to quickly deploy the system, process a target device, and once the data has been collected, users can unplug the system and a complete copy of the devices content will be accessible to the Investigator to examine.


As PVIK is built to search for photos and videos, it has the ability to scan an entire computer’s operating system. This is particularly useful for temporary files, temporary or cache files are not always photos or videos which have knowingly been saved to the device. This type of content may have been viewed on the target device and this content may still be present on the target devices operating system. If this is the case this content will be visible and display as an image/video.


Corporate Usage Study

HR Investigations benefit from PVIK for evidence gathering form an employee’s computer terminal. This type of scenario can help collect evidence for situations like misuse of company time, work place bullying and harassment and intellectual property theft.


Educators and Public Library Usage Study

IT Maintenance staff at many Educational institutes are tasked with processing a facilities digital devices to ensure illicit content is not stored on any machines belonging to the education institute. This type of data monitoring protocol allows Educators to ensure Computers belonging to the education facility are being used for productive purposes.


Law Enforcement

LE officers use the PVIK in all types of Investigations where Computers and Cellphones and other IOT devices have been seized as evidence. The automatic nature of the PVIK allows non specialists to quickly process a digital device. The way the PVIK reports the photo and video content is identical to the way any storage drive or SD card displays photos and videos, this ensures users can quickly examine content and identify important evidence quickly.


Investigation Agencies

PVIK allows any Investigation Agency to take a case into a digital direction. Investigators do not need a Digital skillset to perform this examination. The PVIK is a historic digital surveillance tool, allowing an investigator to gain extremely valuable information on a the usage of a digital device and helping to identify potentially important information which can be used to help solve cases and provide important evidence in all types of Investigations. The PVIK is a small carry around system. The PVIK is ideal for fishing expeditions where there is a growing suspicion on the clients part that something is not right. Deploying the PVIK as a first step into an Investigation is quick and easy way to gather lots of historic evidence which can be easily examined and is already collected an automatic folder report on the Capturra Portable hard drive.


Investigators can also use the Capturra drive to offload evidence during surveillance operations. Offloading important evidence from a surveillance tool to ensure the tool has enough free space to continue being used.


The Capturra also has the ability to remove any duplicate files on your Capturra drive, this ensures your Capturra drive is free of any unneeded duplicate files.


Review every Image you find

Get a thumbnail view of every image. No need to keep the target device once backup is complete. Once you have gathered the data, time to begin investigating it.


Review all of the backed up content without needing further access to the target device.


In some cases you may have backed up a few thousand images. That’s going to take a PI some time to investigate fully, the thumbnail view you get using the PVIK is crucial to spotting the things that will break your case. It is really simple. Imagine viewing the image thumbnails on a tiny phone screen and compare that to viewing the same images on a large PC screen. You can see the image thumbnails much better on the PC, or you can choose to scroll through and magnify full screen versions of each image to see even more detail.


Advance your Evidence gathering using the Porn Detection Stick

When you have performed a backup from any digital device using the PVIK Capturra 1TB drive, CROSS EXAMINE the discovered content using the Porn Detection Stick (PDS). Utilizing these two automated searches will drastically save you precious time.


The Porn Detection Stick will only work with Windows OS but by using the Capturra Drive to back up content from virtually any digital device, you are then making that content available for examination with the Porn Detection Stick through connection of both devices into a PC.


Point your Porn Detection Stick software at the Capturra Drive Mass storage device content and perform the illicit image examination on all content on the Capturra drive.


Supplied with an easy to carry case. Can be easily and safely transported for use whenever you see the need to take your case digital.