Our Support

Paraben Consumer have been helping consumers get the best out of their products for over 10 years.

Our dedicated support staff are on hand every weekday between 9-6PM MST by Email & Phone.

Our Support team is highly experienced and can identify and fix any issue you have with our products in minutes.

Please ensure you have reviewed our dedicated FAQ which can be found on the product page of each product under the Other Info Tab.

If you cannot find the answer you need, feel free to get in touch using the information below or send us a message using the support contact form below or email us.

The contact form has an attachment option, if you have a message from your device advising of an issue, please take a screenshot of the image and attach it to the form or email it into us.

Taking a screenshot of your error message will allow us to identify your issue immediately.

    Contact Information for our Support Team:

    [email protected]


    9-4pm (MST) Mountain Standard Time

    Monday to Friday

    Support Links:

    iRecovery Stick
    Offline Updater

    Offline Updater Instruction Video

    Phone Recovery Stick
    Offline Updater

    Data Recovery Stick
    Offline Updater

    Porn Detection Stick
    Offline Updater